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Seriously frustrated with debt, trying to come up with some sort of payment plan to take care of car and school bills quickly while still being able to pick up new equipment. I need to get motivated and start picking up some more sound, lighting or dj gigs to fund my equipment addiction and pick up even more gigs. I need to make up some business cards, a solid promo mix on a cd with a decent looking sticker, and a website to get myself some more exposure. I’ve already got the raw materials and the idea for the cards and discs. The website I need to start dedicating part of my days to get to learning html5 to really make something nice that I can display audio, video and other media work as I create.

Oh and most of all fuck the doctors and their bullshit, if don’t get some actual information from them and not just more testing and run around I’m done with their garbage for a while. I’m just going to get on a super vitamin plan, eat right, drink more water and start getting some sort of daily exercise routine going. So far vitamins,eating better, and more water have me much more energized and balanced in my daily life. 

Gonna need a few more hours of tweaking paths to get it as smooth as I’d like but I got a huge chunk cleaned up today. Can’t wait to get this all done to make some stickers and stuff with it.

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