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Gonna need a few more hours of tweaking paths to get it as smooth as I’d like but I got a huge chunk cleaned up today. Can’t wait to get this all done to make some stickers and stuff with it.

So I bought a car yesterday but can’t drive it for 10 days which is only mildly inconvinient, stupid credit unions. Other than that I hope not to be the medical community’s pin cushion for the next couple months, it looks like I’ve got some hereditary blood/stomach issues giving me dangerously low platlettes and some D and B deficancies.

Finally good news, going full time at Pro Audio so I can actually quit the Micro Shitter. Now I just need a fully functional car and phone and then I’ll actually feel good about where I am in life.

Yup today’s going to suck and be fueled by coffee. Slept about 3 hours from 10-1, been up since and now I have to work from 7-4 and then go to guitar lessons at 7. It’s going to be a long day.

Feeling so shitty today, I’m mentally and physically drained. As usual I was woken up by overhearing a conversation downstairs, this one happened to be about my grandma who’s been in and out of various nursing homes in the area. In the most recent “home” she’s been in for her arthritis she’s complained about rough treatment, well today she went for a shot and they found out her hip is shattered. 2 weeks ago she had an x-ray and her hip was fine. Now there’s talk of her needing surgery which she may not come out of, idk what’s going on with that yet.

Other than that I just spent the last 8 hours sitting in the freezing cold at work and now my knees and lower back feel like someones been pounding them with a ball peen hammer. 

How was your day tumbly?

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